A New Twist on Gratitude

I was in the woods last weekend, visiting an off the grid retreat center for one of the upcoming trainings I am offering. While I was there, I was pondering gratitude. I realize that we are bombarded these days, with reminders to be grateful. So it got me thinking...

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Change Reality with Two Questions

You have the opportunity, every day, to pull out of your old agreements of what reality “should” look like and call into being, what reality “can” look like. There are so many ways to do this. One of these ways - that no one really teaches us - is to use a question to...

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Are you sick?

A week ago, I spent an entire week at home, nursing myself from “ick” (no typo here, I do mean “ick”!) to well. I had been exposed to a serious amount of germs and I knew that my body was going to need support in detoxing from them.   I use to dread being sick....

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So a word I have been hearing so much of lately, is “resist”. It’s everywhere on social media, and it’s also something that a lot of people feel strongly that we need to do, in order to bring about change in the world.   First, I want to say that words carry...

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Healing from Within

Healing from Within is a new Facebook LIVE series. Join us for the next one by following the Spiritworks Facebook page. ...

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Defrazzling in a New Paradigm

We made it into February! This month can be a tough one and a time when I just want to go somewhere for more light. It helps me to know that the light is increasing a few minutes each day. In recognition of the light, I want to share that today is the day that honors...

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Shielding Yourself

We are wintering it up out here. With the holidays over, and the energy of the winter season (almost!) starting to set in, we have an opportunity to spend some time going within. Historically, and traditionally, winter is a time for keeping the home fires lit and...

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Strength in the Center

Winter Solstice Blessings to you. After the winter solstice, our daily sunlight increases and the light is slowly returning. Knowing this helps me to faithfully make my way to the warmer days of spring!! Is it bitter cold where you are? Right now, at the time I write...

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