Shamanic Journey Weekend Retreat

I have some exciting news! I have been wanting to offer a weekend training opportunity but wasn't sure how to make that happen in the schedule. There's been a shift and I can now invite you to a live shamanic training retreat. It'll be in Shutesbury, Massachusetts,...

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Learn to Be Your Own Healer

When you learn how to be your own healer, you call your power back to you. What do you do when healing is hard and you don't know how to move forward? You'll find some answers here in this episode of Awaken Your Power to Heal....

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The Ones Closest to the Ground Always Know

As I am writing this, it's 60 degrees outside! I have a sense that it won't be long before spring is here. It's always a sure sign of a season change when my 11 year old cornsnake (yes, I have a snake as a personal friend. I just uploaded this picture that was taken...

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Are you interested in growing your relationship with spirit? Are you ready to discover how to retrieve your own answers, be guided in your life and feel more connected to your own soul?   You are invited to Journey, a shamanic training where you'll find guidance,...

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