The Healing Power of Stillness

When we are sick with a cold or flu, have bronchitis or some other infection that makes us feel yucky, we know what you need to do, right? Lots of rest, lots of fluids and warm soothing broths and soups that are easy to digest. Most of us know this. And many of us...

Absentee Reiki Treatments

A woman recently asked me about absentee Reiki sessions. I wrote this to describe how absentee treatments “work”. In a world where Reiki is becoming ever common and internationally recognized, practitioners continue to offer simple descriptions for a...

Healers Path to Wholeness

As a healer and teacher, I am naturally my own experiment in the making. All the time!  Everything I learn, reveal and discover for myself, everything I address, work on, and come to know about healing is through one of two ways: it happens to me and I learn from it,...


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