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Shamanic Medicine with Brighid


Thursday, October 22, 2020 at 7pm (EST)


Shamanic Medicine addresses spiritual imbalance as it contributes to emotional, physical, and mental disruption in a person’s life. Shamanic modalities are beneficial for restoring balance and treating trauma, illness, depression, grief, and many issues that cause a person to disengage from their power. Shamanic techniques restore lost power and improve the quality of life for all beings.


During this time, we will discuss the techniques of soul retrieval, extraction and other healing methods found in indigenous cultures worldwide. You will leave with a understanding of how shamanic healing works. You will also learn a simple practice that you can take home with you to become clear and confident, standing strong in your power.


Shamanic Journeying – Online Intensive

Through the power of the drum, you will learn to move into an altered state where you can connect with the unseen realms to receive healing and guidance.



Jikiden Reiki® Seminars and Events

Join us for Shoden (beginner) and Okuden (advanced) classes in 2019.




Contact Brighid to apply for this intensive.


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